SafeStyle UK – Never Again

When we moved into our new home 5 years ago a safestyle canvasser happened to be in the area whilst we were moving in, knowing that I’d have to replace the windows at some point I took them up on their “no obligation” quote. I didn’t realise this would result in a very pushy salesman giving the hard sell followed by 6 months of phone calls to see if I was going to buy. Eventually they stopped calling and everything was good, I still didn’t get new windows but I knew who not to call when I wanted them.

On 27th of March their canvasser was round again and caught me off guard as I was entertaining the idea again. He’d not identified himself as SafeStyle and I was again willing to entertain a quote,  as he was filling in a booking form I noticed the SafeStyle logo and stopped him, in hindsight I should have just left it at that but he engaged me in conversation regarding the previous problems and assured me that the company had changed management and sales tactics etc. etc.

The 2nd April saw the sales guy turn up, a very pleasant person whom was having problems with his daughters laptop so I gave him a few websites to get software from to get anti-malware/virus software from to hopefully sort his problem. Then we had a chat about the windows. He wasn’t pushy and didn’t seem to make any suggestions that they urgently needed doing, unlike the canvasser.  He left not having done a quote or showing me any of the products as I clearly wasn’t interested in getting new windows for at least 2 years, he even phoned the office to let them know the status and make sure I wasn’t hassled in the future.

Within a week I’d a phonecall, and again shortly after that. At least one of these callers were told that I wasn’t interested and to take my details off their database as I wasn’t interested and I would contact them when I am.

Which brings us up to today, a pleasant spring Sunday, a day of relaxing or if I was a religious person a trip to church. However it seems SafeSyle are not beyond calling up on Sunday mornings at 11:51 to hassle you, seeing a call from 07581592896 I answered it thinking it might be someone I knew with a new number or something else which required answering, but no, it was SafeStyle trying to offer me a quote again who was bluntly told “It’s Sunday morning, I’ve already told you no and it’s not going to change.”

Emailed “Any further contact not relating directly to this request will be considered harassment and further action may be taken.” along with personal details via their website – 25/4/10

I’ve since received yet another call from them which is why I’ve decided to post this as it’s been sitting around as a draft since April.

Coupled with various other door to door experiences I’m now going to adopt a serious go away policy to anyone calling trying to sell me something. They can give me the idea and I’ll go and look into it myself, there’s far too much bullshit on the doorstep.

Update (24/01/2011). I’ve just had a missed call from 01274 514040 it looks like they ignored me!

Update 2 (30/08/2011). Another call from 01274514040, these people don’t learn and don’t seem to be removing me from their databases.

Update 3 (18/3/2012). Another call but from a withheld number this time, again empty promise to remove from their database.