2011 - A New Year

Well here we are a month after Christmas, what’s happened? I suppose quite a bit, I’m getting married in April and that’s now turned into a full time project, everything’s coming together nicely and I wish people would respond a bit quicker as the clock’s now ticking.

On a different note, I’d a strange problem with a customer of my android fuel use application in which they’d purchased and installed the Ad removal but it wasn’t working. It’s only 50p in the marketplace and I spent about an hour trying to diagnose and recreate the problem, why bother I hear you ask, because just one happy customer can make the difference. I’ve got too many lame 1 star comments, this wasn’t a factor at the time but if this one customer comments and rates the application regarding the service he’s received this feedback’s worth 10x that of someone that’s installed the application not understanding it’s purpose and left a useless comment. It’s a genuine user who’s had a problem and exceptional customer service, what more could you wish for?